Lucky Cat

A black cat with sequins for eyes.

Wellcome Library, London

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    • Black cats have long played a role in superstitious beliefs and this little cat is no different. This cat is an amulet - an object that you hold or wear in the belief that it will bring you good luck.

      The owner of this cat was a soldier during the First World War, his regiment was posted to the Western Front. The battles here were fought from deep trenches, dug into the ground for soldiers to hide in. The conditions in these trenches were horrible and many soldiers have written letters, diaries and poems about their experience in the trenches. You can get a better idea of what the trenches looked like from this illustration.

      The situation in the trenches was dire and it is understandable why soldiers would have turned to good luck charms for hope. Can you think of any other things that might be considered good luck?
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