Land Army Girls, East Devon

A black and white photograph showing three women from the Women's Land Army at work on a farm.

English Heritage

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  • Intro
    Museum's Description
    • The Women's Land Army was an organisation that started during the First World War to replace the male farm labourers with women so that farms could still produce enough food during wartime while the men fought.

      Some farmers were resistant to the idea of having women working on the farm. The Women's Land Army was active again during the Second World War.

      In the picture above, we see two girls and a horse and cart, what kind of job do you think they did on the farm?

      Things to think about...
      • Why would it be important to keep farms running?
      • Why do you think that some farmers didn't want women working on their farms?
      • What other jobs did women do during the war years?
      • Why do you think the woman on the right hand side of the photograph has a blurry face?

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