Feasting Bowl

A bowl made of two horns with a wolf design

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    Teacher notes
    • This bowl was carefully made from the horn of a mountain sheep by Alaskan Native peoples. Did you know there are more than 14 different cultures and languages in Alaska?

      Different animals are important to different cultures. If the carved pattern shows two marmots, then the bowl was likely made the Tsimshian tribes. If the pattern is of wolves, it is more likely to be made by the Tlingit peoples.

      This dish would have been used to serve sea-mammal or fish oil to important guests at a great ceremonial feast, or ‘potlatch’, where possessions or great quantities of food were given away or even destroyed to show the wealth and generosity of the host.

      Things to think about:

      • Which animals do you think you see on the bowl?
      • This bowl was made with a lot of love. What does that tell you about the culture and food?
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