Boy's Armour 1610

Polished boy size armour and peaked helmet embossed with a serpent like monster's head.

Boy's Armour 1610, © © Royal Armouries

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    Teacher notes
    • This is an impressive and mysterious set of armour and even the museum curators aren’t sure who the original owner was.

      Some experts think it was connected to the Stuart King, Charles I because the helmet with a crest of a dragon is identical to one depicted in this bronze bust of Charles I.

      It’s also believed the armour could have belonged to Charles I as a boy because he may have had rickets as a child, stunting his growth in his arms and legs.

      Others believe this is ‘the Jeffrey Hudson armour’, named after its owner who was a dwarf who served Charles I’s wife, Queen Henrietta Maria.

      Things to think about:
      • Why do you think boys as well as men had armour? What about women and girls?
      • Do you think this armour was used in combat?
      • What details and patterns can you see on the armour? Why do you think they were used in particular?
      • If you misplaced an object of yours, how would people know it belonged to you how could it be traced back to you?
      If you like learning about armour and combat you can play this game from the Royal Armouries where you battle your way up for a chance to fight with King Henry VIII himself.
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