Mural of Working Boats from around the British Coast

Brightly coloured mural including ships, sailors, mermaids, sea life and seagulls.

Mural of Working Boats from around the British Coast, © National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London. Purchased with the assistance of the Society for Nautical Research Macpherson Collection Endowment Fund

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    Teacher notes
    • In 1951, the government organised a festival to lift British people’s spirits after World War II and give them a sense of pride in what Britain was achieving; the rebuilding of towns and cities and recovering industries and arts.

      Towns across Britain held festivals, funfairs, parades, competitions, industrial presentations and much more!

      For those living in one of Britain’s sea ports, or lucky enough to be visiting in the summer of 1951, they might have seen a floating display like this, depicting workers and myths of the sea which toured the island.

      Things to think about:
      • This mural represents life at sea. What would a mural look like which represented life at your school, after school club or with your family?
      • Can you talk about any festivals you have taken part in?
      • Why do we put on and enjoy festivals?
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