The Gallery of Fashion magazine, 1794-1803.

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    • The Gallery of Fashion is one of the earliest and most popular fashion magazines from the regency period. For wealthy Regency women nothing was more important than dressing in the latest styles.  

      This magazine published monthly issues from 1794-1803 and kept women up to date with all the latest fashions and styles in both England and France. French fashion was very chic at the time however the on-going war with France meant that British magazines like this one tried to distance themselves from French Styles. 

      This image show's two morning dresses, they are simpler than the extravagant evening dresses that women wore for dinner parties and balls. White was a very fashionable colour at the time because it demonstrated wealth. White fabrics are much harder to keep clean so women who wore white showed that they had enough money to replace their dresses regularly and avoid dirt. 

      Things to think about:
      • What do you think men's fashion was like at the time?
      • Do you think fashion was as important to working class women as it was to wealthy women?
      • Why not have a go at designing your own morning dress or mens outfit?
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