Clay Dinosaurs

    • Clay is perfect for making dinosaur models. How about making a collection of your favourites?

      Top Tips:

      Not all clay needs to be fired, or baked in the oven; you can leave some types of clay to dry slowly on a windowsill. This is called air-drying or air-setting clay. You can buy it in art or craft shops.

      A black and white drawing of a dinosaur with prominent scales along its back.© Philip Eglise
      Could you make a model of this Nodasaur?

      When you model your dinosaur, be careful not to make any parts of the body too skinny, as they may break when they dry out.

      Use 'slip' to join parts of your dinosaur together. To make slip, mix a little bit of clay with water to make a sludgy paste, then smooth it over any joins.

      A photograph showing dramatically lit dinosaur skeletons© Leicester City Museums
      Why not visit a museum to get some dinosaur ideas?
      Once you have made your clay model, leave it somewhere warm to dry for a couple of days.

      When the model has dried out you could paint it.

      Acrylic paint is best for painting on clay. If you use water-based paints and your dinosaur looks a little dusty or flaky when it's dry, a coat of varnish will seal on your colour.
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