Giant pink rabbit found on Italian hillside

Birds eye view of a giant pink textile rabbit lying in the middle of the countryside

Rabbit, 2005

© Gelitin

    • A group of artists called Gelitin have knitted a huge pink rabbit and left it lying on a hill in Italy.

      The bunny is SO BIG that it can even be seen using satellite photos from space.

      Image of a giant textile pink rabbit lying on a misty hill with several people lying on top of it, sewing it togetherRabbit under construction, 2005© Gelitin
      It took the artists and lots of helpers five years to knit the massive bunny, and they plan to leave it on the hillside for 20 years, until 2025.

      View of a mostly grey giant textile rabbit on an Italian hillside - some pink is still visible on the rabbit's cloth.Rabbit, 2007© Gelitin
      The whole thing is getting a bit grubby as it's been there more than a year so far, but the artists say that is part of the idea.

      The rabbit is near a town called Artesina, which is in the Alps, a range of mountains in northern Italy.

      Giant pink textile rabbit lying on a hillside partially covered in snowRabbit in winter, 2006© Photo: Paolo Cresta
      This is what it looked like in 2011 - imagine what it will look like in another five or ten years!

      View of a giant textile rabbit, decaying on an Italian hillsideRabbit, 2011© Gelitin
      What do you think about this big pink rabbit - should it be called art at all or is it something else?
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