Introduction for teachers

    • The Show Me website is designed to open up the rich and inspiring world of visual arts and heritage collections, buildings, digital resources and games, events and exhibitions to children and young people in useful and interesting ways. We gather interesting, relevant content and information from museums, galleries, archives and libraries and then, through careful tagging and interpretation, create connections around subject themes that will be of interest to young audiences and that will support them as they learn.

      We source the following content directly from museums, galleries, archives, libraries and related cultural organisations:

      •    Digital collection items – pictures of objects and artworks displayed with descriptions and supporting information provided by the collection holders
      •    Games and interactives
      •    Videos
      •    Related websites
      •    Venue information
      •    Exhibition listings
      •    Events listings.

      Where relevant content is displayed with related tags and brief notes for teachers highlighting related resources, links, tips and ideas for teaching and learning. 

      Show Me also features editorial content written for children and young people. All articles aim to spark creative ideas and curiosity, support learning and introduce children and young people to the stories, ideas and treasures our museums hold.  

      The site is being updated all the time, so do keep coming back to see what’s new. For occasional content and news updates sign up to our newsletter.

      All content on the website is either chosen or written by the Culture24 editorial team or submitted directly (as in the case of events and exhibition listings) by a wide range of cultural venues. Whilst every care is taken to ensure content we feature and link to is safe and age appropriate, we cannot make absolute guarantees that ongoing links (for example related content served by third party sites such as YouTube) are equally safe.

      Please see our Terms of Use for more detail.      
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