How to make an Ancient Roman snake bracelet

A photograph showing a statue of a reclining woman wearing a snake bracelet

Can you see her snake bracelet?

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    • This snake bracelet is great if you're doing the Ancient Romans at school  and need to dress up as a Roman. It's easy to make too.

      The statue in the picture from the Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge above is wearing one. She's using it as an armband instead of a bracelet.

      In the past, experts debated whether the statue is of Cleopatra or the mythological character Ariadne. Cleopatra is known for her association with asps, a kind of snake and Ariadne famously fell asleep before she was abandoned by Theseus. Nowadays, they think it is definitely Ariadne.

      Child wearing a home made snake bracelet
      You will need:
      • Card
      • Pipe cleaner
      • Glue
      • Tinfoil 
      • Permanent black felt-tip pen.


      1. Cut a strip of card a bit longer than a pipe cleaner.
      2. Fold the card in half and stick the pipe cleaner in the middle to make the card bendy.
      3. Make the shape of a snake's head and tail and stick them to the card.
      4. Wrap the card in tin foil.
      5. Then use the permanent black marker pen to draw a scale pattern and give eyes to the snake's head.

      You can find more Ancient Roman jewellery on the British Museum's website in its Young Explorers' section.
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