Make a model Battle of Britain Hurricane

An images showing how to put together the pieces of a model Hawker Hurricane

Make your own Hawker Hurricane

© 04/08/2010 fishinabottle

    • The Battle of Britain was one of the most important battles of the Second World War. It was the first time a major campaign was fought entirely by air forces and it marks a great victory for the British.

      Now you can make your very own model of a Hawker Hurricane - one of the main planes that defended Britain from the Nazi Luftwaffe forces.

      A model of a Hawker Hurricane RAF planeHawker Hurricane© 04/08/2010 fishinabottle
      You will need:

      • A computer and printer
      • Some scissors
      • some glue
      All you need to do is download this free PDF and print the pages.

      Then cut carefully around each piece (or get an adult to) and assemble them, as shown on the last page.

      And Voila! Now you have your very own Hawker Hurricane!

      Two images of a Hawker Hurricane planeHawker Hurricanes© 04/08/2010 fishinabottle
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