Make your own Styracosaurus hand puppet

Stencil for making a dinosaur hand puppet.

Styracosaurus Hand Puppet

© British Geological Society

    • Our friends at the British Geological Survey have made this print at home template so you can make your very own Styracosaurus hand puppet.

      The Styracosaurus lived 75 million years ago in what is now known as North America. It looked a little bit like a corss between a lizard and a hippopotamus and would have eaten plants.

      You can print the template in colour or black and white if you prefer to colour it in yourself. Head over to the British Geological Survey's website to watch a video that shows you how to put the pieces together.

      You might need a grown-ups help with the printing and cutting.

      You can also try your hand at making a Tyrannosaurus Rex puppet and a Pterosaur puppet to add to your collection.
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