Make your own Tyrannosaurus Rex hand puppet

Tyrannosaurus rex hand puppet cut out

Tyrannosaurus rex hand puppet cut out

© British Geographical Society

    • The Tyrannosaurus Rex was a mighty dinosaur, they stood at almost 13 meters high and had massive long teeth for killing and eating their prey.

      Our friends at the British Geological Society have made this really simple cut out that you can print and assemble at home. You can print it in either colour or in black and white if you would rather colour it in yourself.

      If you head over to the British Geological Society's website they have made a video which shows you how to put all the pieces together, you might need to ask an adult to help you with the printing and cutting.

      If you enjoy making this one, why not try the Styracosaurus and the Pterosaur puppets as well.

      If you love dinosaurs as much as we do, check out our top ten dinosaur facts.
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