Treasure Hunters

Treasure Hunters

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    Teacher notes
    • Grab your magnifying glass and your treasure map! ... Okay, grab your phone or tablet! And start hunting for the treasures hidden all around you.

      This brand new app from the Science Museum challenges you to look around and spot details in things that you might not have seen before. You can play it at home, out and about or in a museum, the challenges will be different based on where you are. 

      The app can be played on your own or you can play with your friends, either competitively or as a team. Best of all the app is completely free to download, so no excuses, its time to get out and start finding treasure. 

      Click the 'play' button above and then follow the links to download the app for either Apple or Android devices. Alternatively you can search for 'Treasure Hunters' in the App or Google Play stores.
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