Cambridge Museum Of Technology

    • Sited on the bank of the River Cam, the Museum is housed in the Old Pumping Station which was built to pump Cambridge's sewage out to the sewage works at nearby Milton. The steam operated pumps were originally powered by burning all the city's rubbish - a green project before 'green' was invented! A major feature of the museum is the two Hathorn Davey pumping engines installed in 1894 to pump the sewage from the well beneath the engines. These are the only engines of this type still running in the world! There is also a display of objects produced by local industries including Pye and Cambridge Instrument Company. The Museum is currently undergoing a Heritage Lottery Fund supported redevelopment, which will increase access to the site, improve facilities, and add new interepretation and displays. The Museum is still open to the public on Sunday afternoons.
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