Kettle's Yard

A red brick cottage in the centre with a building with a steeple to the left and a smaller cottage to the right

The main house of Kettle's Yard was built by Jim Ede from three connecting cottages on the north side of Cambridge city centre. In the 1970 the house was extended with a modern gallery space which can partly be seen on the right of this picture, but is mostly on the far side of the house.

© Andrew Dunn

    • Kettle's Yard is a house with a permanent collection of 20th century art and a gallery showing a changing programme of 20th century and contemporary art exhibitions. Kettle's Yard House was created by Jim Ede, once a curator at the Tate Gallery. It is more than an art collection, the building and the way in which the art and other objects are displayed are unique. In many ways Kettle's Yard House retains the characteristics of a real home and visitors are welcome to sit in the chairs, read the books and enjoy the art works. Kettle's Yard Gallery enjoys an international reputation for its innovative exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. A wide variety of exhibitions are shown every year including major retrospectives of modern artists as well as first UK showings by contemporary international artists.
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