Shaw's Corner - National Trust

Historic house or home
View of the South Front of Shaw's Corner, Ayot St Lawrence, Hertfordshire, former home of George Bernard Shaw.

© National Trust Images/Chris Lacey

    • An Edwardian villa, the home of George Bernard Shaw from 1906 till his death in 1950. A large red-brick detached house, Shaw's Corner was built in 1902 as the New Rectory for Ayot St Lawrence. Shaw summed it up: "A twelfth-century village where the last thing of real importance that had happened was perhaps the Flood". The rooms remain much as he left them, with many literary and personal effects and many touches evoking the individuality and genius of this great dramatist. The garden has richly planted borders and views over the Hertfordshire countryside. Built by local architects and using local materials, it has some lovely Arts and Crafts details, particularly in the brick work round the windows and other features such as hearts in the banisters.
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