Overbeck's - National Trust

Historic house or home
The Edwardian house at Overbeck's, Salcombe, Devon, glimpsed beyond the exotic planting in the garden

© National Trust Images/Andrew Butler

    • A hidden paradise of subtropical gardens and eclectic collections... With a climate more like the Mediterranean Riviera than the British mainland, Overbeck's is home to an astonishing plant collection. From the very first moment the house was built, successive owners revelled in planting the rare and exotic and this has continued under the care of the National Trust. What makes Overbeck's so special? The proximity to the sea and the shelter of the surrounding woodland have given it warmth, but it's the eclectic nature of the design and planting that's so important. Walking though the garden is like a trip around the world. Continue your journey of discovery into the Edwardian seaside home of eccentric scientist Otto Overbeck. See his amazing invention: the 'rejuvenator'; hear the polyphon, a giant Victorian music box; and be intrigued by the eclectic collections of natural and maritime history. The perfect day out for families who enjoy exploring, or the keen gardener who wants to be inspired and excited.
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