Sherborne Museum

photo of entrance of Sherborne museum

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    • Sherborne Museum was founded in 1968 and occupies what was the gatehouse and almonry associated with the original Benedictine monastery, currently a Grade II listed building. From the outset it was dedicated to the preservation of the heritage of Sherborne town and its surrounding villages and is still very much community oriented and run entirely by local volunteers. It was the first museum of this type to acheive Accreditation status in Dorset. Exhibitions represent the historical, social, agricultural and industrial aspects of the locality from prehistoric to modern times, as well as its natural history. Highlights include a unique medieval wall painting, a model of the Norman Castle, a touch-screen version of the celebrated Sherborne Missal, silk and gloving displays, a notable Edwardian dolls' house and 200 botanical watercolours of local flora by the pioneering artist Diana Ruth Wilson. Our 10,000 plus photographs, paintings and postcards form one of the largest private collections of images of a small town anywhere in the country.
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