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    • The history of the people who lived in this area is traced from the earliest evidence 250,000 years ago through to the twentieth century, and include the Beaker people, the Silures, the Romans, the Vikings and the Normans. Themes covered by the social history collections range from domestic and personal life, education, religion and politics to local industrial developments and agriculture. The most significant collections are the Transporter Bridge archive, which includes all the original designs for the bridge and photographs of its entire construction, and the Chartist collection; weopons, broadsheets, silver and prints from the 1839 Chartist protest in Newport. The Art Gallery houses collections of British paintings, watercolours and contemporary prints. The reserve collection holds works which show the changing face of South Wales’s rural and industrial landscape which now incorporates a recent allocation of paintings from the Arts Council of Wales. The Art Gallery also presents an extensive and stimulating programme of exhibitions and events covering aspects of art and design, focusing on artists living and working in Wales - looking at traditional media from an original and exciting viewpoint.
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