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Egypt Centre

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    • The Egypt Centre houses the largest collection of Egyptian antiquities in Wales. The museum officially opened in September 1998, and has over 5000 items in the collection. Most of the artefacts were collected by the pharmacist Sir Henry Wellcome(1853-1936). Others came to us from: the British Museum; the Royal Edinburgh Museum; National Museums and Galleries of Wales Cardiff; the Royal Albert Museum and Art Gallery, Woking College and also private donors. The museum comprises of two galleries, The House of Life upstairs which tells the story of the daily lives of the ancient Egyptians, and The House of Death downstairs which as well as a gift shop. Sir Henry Wellcome collected items from excavations. Included in the Egypt Centre collection are items from Armant, Amarna, Deir el-Medina, Esna, Mostagedda, Qau, etc. Additionally he collected items from individuals. These included Robert de Rustafjaell, Gayner-Anderson, Berens, Cesnola, Rev. William Frankland Hood and the Rev. William MacGregor. There is a cafe/coffee shop adjacent to the museum.
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