Rotunda Museum

Rotunda Museum

    • Explore modern interactive displays to learn about the fascinating Geology of the Yorkshire Coast. Find out about this unique geology that brought William Smith to the town and inspired him to design this fabulous iconic building in 1829. Known as the father of English geology, Smith changed the world with his discoveries and the museum has been a focal point for geology and local history enthusiasts ever since. The awe inspiring central Rotunda Gallery is a remarkable space that explains the Scarborough that existed in Smith's days as well as some of the characters that populated the town at the time. The first floor Shell Gallery focuses on 21st century developments and is home to our most famous resident; Gristhorpe Man, a unique Bronze Age skeleton and tree trunk burial find. The Dinosaur Coast Gallery offers bright, colourful and family friendly hands on experience of our coastline and its treasures. The Rotunda is fully wheelchair accessible and has a shop with a wide selection of geology books and crafts for all ages. FREE introductory guided tours are available and enhance the visiting experience so are highly recommended. Our popular Dinosaur Coast programme features a series of fossil hunts along the coast so you can continue to discover more about our unique geology following your visit to the museum. This programme is currently in development and will commence again in 2015
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