Bodiam Castle - National Trust

Castle or defences
A view across the moat to the East and North Ranges of Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, built between 1385 and 1388

© National Trust Images/Matthew Antrobus

    • When you think of a castle, you think Bodiam. Built by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge in 1385, Bodiam is one of the most beautiful and iconic medieval castles left in Britain today. Few buildings can rival its magnificent setting. With its long history and ensuing rich historiography it is a most excellent learning resource that must be utilised. Bodiam Castle was constructed late in the 14th century at a time when the nobility were looking for comfortable residences as an outward symbol of their status and wealth, yet incorporating the latest military architecture. Bodiam, therefore, exemplifies the halfway point between the stern fortresses of earlier years and the comfortable mansions of the Tudor and Stuart periods.
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