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kiplin hall

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    • This hidden gem, situated between Richmond and Northallerton, was built in 1620 by George Calvert, Secretary of State to James I and Founder of Maryland, USA. Since then, the Calverts, Crowes, Carpenters and Talbots, all related by blood or marriage, have left their stamp on the house. A ‘Gothic’ wing was added to the original Jacobean house in the 1820s and redesigned in 1887 by W.E. Nesfield. This intriguing house is now furnished as a comfortable Victorian home with 16 rooms, including the fascinating Travellers’ Bedroom, open to the public. The Hall is crowded with an eclectic mix of previous owners’ furniture, paintings, portraits and personalia, including many Arts and Crafts items. The people who owned Kiplin Hall left behind an extensive and important collection of original paintings that date from the 16th – 19th century. These paintings hang throughout the Hall, and include works by notable artists including Joachim Beuckelaer, Luca Carlevarijs, Angelica Kauffman, George Cuit, Siegfried Bendixen and George Frederic Watts. Many of the owners of Kiplin, family members and local communities have been touched by wars since the Hall was built, from the English Civil War of the 17th century to the Second World War when an RAF Maintenance Unit requisitioned the estate, supplying bombs to local airfields. Duty Call, an exhibition, trails and events recount 300 years of Kiplin’s owners, family members and local communities in times of war.
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