Boston Guildhall

Sacred space
Boston Guildhall

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    • Boston's Guildhall of St. Mary is one of the oldest and most significant religious guildhalls in the country. First thought to have been built in the 15th Century, it was recently discovered during a restoration programme in 2008 that it was actually built during the 1390's making it one of the first Guildhalls ever built. The building has had a long and varied history, from its beginnings as a religious guildhall, then as a town hall, a Museum and also as a British restaurant during World War II. The Pilgrim Fathers were also tried and held in the prison cells. In 1515, St Mary's Guild spent a princely £20 on a single feast that they celebrated in the banqueting hall. In today's money this is more than £9,500. Quite a contrast to the 1 shilling that it cost to have a meal at the British Restaurant in the Guildhall in 1943 - the modern equivalent of this is only £1.30! The building consists of a chapel, banqueting hall, court room, council chamber, buttery, kitchen and cell area. Bostons Tourist Information Centre is in the Guildhall and the building is available for civil wedding ceremonies. Come and discover 600 years of history at the Boston Guildhall!
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